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Tom Francis, New York Home Inspection License #16000011376
Syracuse Home Inspector, Tom Francis

A Little Bit About Me

Hello, I’m Tom Francis owner of “A Best Home Inspection” a Syracuse home inspector serving all Central New York. The reason I named the company “A Best Home Inspection” was that my goal from the start (1997) to provide the best home inspection and report in Syracuse and Central New York. That is still my goal today. For realtors who know me I’m usually their recommendation for their most demanding clients, difficult or complex properties or when buying a property themselves. I probably spend at least twice the time on a home inspection and the report than the average inspector and the end product speaks for itself; be sure to take a look at my sample home inspection reports. I only do one inspection a day giving it and you the time and effort it deserves; you won’t find a better inspection or report. Read “My Story How I Became a Home Inspector”.

Syracuse Home Inspection, Army Engineer Experience

My Inspection Experience

I’ve done over 2000 Central New York and Syracuse home inspections since 1997. Over 30 years experience working in almost every aspect of residential building and mechanical trades so I have the needed knowledge to answer your questions. Resume Summary: Certified auto and truck mechanic 3 years, Sergeant in Army Engineers 4 years,  Electrician Apprentice 1 year, Carpenter 2 years, Sub Contractor New Construction 1 year, General Contractor home improvement owner 16 years, Plumbing Contractor kitchen bath remodeling 3 years, HVAC tech 1 year, NY Home Inspector since 1997, Radon Mitigation Contracting Company owner since 2007. Read more: My Experience and Qualifications

Jamesville, NY Home Inspection.

My Inspection Services

We’re a “full service” home inspection company with a variety of services to best meet our clients needs.  We offer several types of residential and commercial property inspections and dozens of ancillary testing and inspection services if you need them. That means one stop shopping for all your property inspection and testing needs. Few if any Central New York inspection companies offer the number of services we do or are qualified to perform them. Sometimes during a home inspection there’s a need for an additional test, such as taking a lead paint or asbestos sample, or to perform a mold test or evaluation if so, we can do it. See our full list of Central New York Home Inspection Services

A Best Home Inspection Report

My Inspection Report

We do a great home inspection and very importantly deliver an awesome 35 to 55 page home inspection report with digital photos and interactive hyperlinks. We email you a link to download a PDF file to view the report. You can share the link and it’s active for about 1 year. I believe our inspection and report are the best in Central New York. Take a look for yourself: Our Sample Reports. Some inspectors do a good job explaining things when at the house but deliver some pretty bad or skimpy reports, hand written, check lists or quick printout from a phone app. A well written report can give you and your realtor leverage to negotiate. See full description of our reports at: Our Inspection Reports

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