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You won't find a better home inspection report in Syracuse or Central NY. Check my sample reports and judge for yourself.
Sample Home Inspection Report of an older large contempory home

Click the links to view my sample home inspection reports on a new page. The new style report, supports video clips within the report.

A Great Home Inspection Deserves a Great Report

A great home inspection deserves a great home inspection report. I believe our inspection and report is unmatched by our competition, take a look and judge for your self. Unfortunately some inspectors are knowledgeable and do a good job explaining things when at the house but their home inspection reports leave much to be desired.

A Well Written Report

A well written report can give you and your realtor leverage to negotiate and is likely your only record of the inspection, unless you record your inspectors comments. If legal issues arise the written report is the document of record. What you think you remember of the inspectors verbal comments, if not written in the report, hold very little weight legally. Even for your own information, most people would be doing good to remember one forth of a home inspectors comments and recommendation made during the inspection.

Good report writing takes time, sure I could fill out a checklist or template report and give it to you at the end of the inspection but it would not be a quality report. Most home buyers prefer a detailed, well written report with digital photos and clear explanation of defects in addition to maintenance and safety recommendations.

Check and Compare Sample Reports

Above are a few reasons why a well written and detailed report are important. Home buyers should be aware of what type inspection and report they are getting for their money; that’s why it is highly recommend to check out an inspectors sample report. See more on Comparing Home Inspection Reports.

After a thorough home inspection and answering all your questions, I head back to the office to write the home inspection report. I deliver you and your realtor the home inspection report by way of a private download link to your email, that you may share with whomever you choose. The report can be downloaded, viewed on your phone or desk top monitor and printed out if you need a hard copy. The report contains active hyper links to additional articles for extra details if you need it. The report web link is active for at least one year.

Thanks for reading, if you have any questions please use contact form or email. If you would like to schedule a home inspection please give me a call or email.




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