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Rochester NY Home Inspection

Rochester NY Home InspectionI provide Rochester NY Home Inspection services, serving Rochester, the greater east Rochester area and all of central New York. “A Best Home Inspection” has been the premier full service central New York home inspection company since 1997. A lot of guys can give you a quick inspection and report. If you are looking for the best, if you need a truly professional, experienced home inspector, one who will look out for your best interest give us a call. If you want a detailed and comprehensive report or if you have some questions that need to be answered by someone who has 30+ years real experience working in the home building trades I would be honored to be your inspector.

There are basically three reasons for getting a Rochester NY Home Inspection.

1. Your are a home buyer in need of a Pre-Purchase home inspection

This is my area of expertise and what I have built my reputation on. Take some time to look over this website and see what sets my home inspection service apart from the competition. You may want to take a look at:

2. You are selling your home and need a Pre-Listing home inspection

When you have decided to sell off probably the most valuable asset of your life, you should make sure you are getting the right value for it. I have done many pre-listing home inspections. These inspections are helpful putting you as a seller in a better position to sell your home. These are a few key advantages to having a quality pre-listing inspection performed on your home:

  • Allows

3. A home owner in need of inspection

A home owner will have need for a home inspection for a number of reasons which may include one or more of the following:

  • With new homes it’s wise to have a professional inspection prior to the 1 year full warranty. The inspection report will give you a punch list of items for the builder repair or address. A good inspector will know what to look for and is familiar with common defects found on new home construction. The builder is usually quicker to act with a home inspectors detailed list of concerns.
  • You may need an inspection for work done on the house such as roof or remodeling job to ensure the job was done properly.
  • An inspector can give you valuable advise and ideas relating energy improvements and home improvements you may desire to increase the comfort and value of the property. The inspector is not trying to sell you products or labor and will give you professional recommendations and impartial advice based on your needs and those to best suit your home.
  • Hiring an inspector for a Rochester NY home inspection can be useful or just a waste of money. It depends on who you hire to do the job. Be sure to get an experienced and professional inspector, not one of the quickie inspectors so often refereed by realtors.


So what are you waiting for? Call Tom now, for one of the most experienced and outstanding home inspection in Rochester, NY. Call us at 315-439-1103.