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Radon Pictures

Good and Bad Radon Mitigation System Pictures, Safe and Unsafe Installations

Our Radon Systems

Pictures of some of the radon mitigation systems we’ve installed.

Improperly Installed Radon Systems

Examples of unsafe and improperly installed radon mitigation systems. Some pictures re from the web; Some are from systems I was called to repair.

Log Cabin Radon System

Log cabin radon system, painted to match home.

Radon fan under deck

Radon fan installed under deck and PVC vent pipe painted to match the house.

PVC Vent Pipe Painted to Match House

Radon PVC vent pipe painted to match the house.

Radon vent in finished basement room

Sometimes limited to where vent can be installed, here it is in a finished basement room. This could be boxed in if desired.

Radon fan on exterior of basement wall

Short vent pipe in house allowed for lower positioned fan on exterior wall.

Improper Radon Fan Installation

Radon fans should not be installed in basements and must be installed vertically. Moisture dripping down vent pipe puddles in bottom of fan housing, sloshes around and shortens the life.

Bad Radon Fan Install

From a home inspection I did. First, it should not have been installed in the basement. Second, they did not use rubber couplings to secure the fan to the vent pipe, instead just sealed joint with silicone caulk which is leaking. This saved the installer about $15. and now requires repair.