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Radon Testing Syracuse

Radon testing is recommended in Syracuse and all central New York communities due to high levels of radon in this region. For the Syracuse area specifically, areas south of the thruway I-90 generally have the highest levels, however the US Surgeon General and NY State Health Department recommend that all homes be tested for radon.

Radon is a naturally occurring, radioactive gas that can become trapped in homes and when concentrated in high levels it can be hazardous to occupants. The purpose of radon testing is to know the level of radon in your home so that you may take proper steps in mitigating radon if needed. Syracuse is a high risk radon area according to New York State and the EPA, which agree that action needs to be taken if radon levels are 4.0 pCi/L or higher. About half the homes in the Syracuse area are at or above this action level, in which radon mitigation is recommended.

Radon Gas – proven dangerous and unhealthy

Radon has been proven a harmful and unhealthy substance, class 1 carcinogen, known to cause cancer. Radon gas enters into your home through the soil below the home, through holes and cracks or directly through the concrete floor. Long term exposure to radon gas has been linked to acute diseases like lung cancer.

Presence of radon in New York

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has declared 34 out of 62 counties highly risk for the radon gas that’s why we conduct radon testing and radon mitigation in Syracuse and all of central New York. There is no way to tell if your house has high radon unless you test for radon. There are many ways to test for radon, some are free or very inexpensive. Give us a call or call your state or local health department for information on radon testing in your area.

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