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Radon Fans

How to choose, replace and troubleshoot radon mitigation fans.

Radon fansRadon mitigation fans, sometimes referred to as “radon pumps” are the work horse of the radon mitigation system. The radon fan is typically the only moving part in an active radon mitigation system. Radon fans are often added to passive radon systems (radon systems without a fan) to improve performance and further lower the radon level.

Radon fans are are supper duty, highly engineered fans that run continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for an average of about 10 years. Eventually, radon fans wear out and need to be replaced to keep the radon mitigation system functional. With about several dozen different radon fans to choose from it can be a little confusing choosing a replacement or the best fan for your application.

Many radon fans have similar performance characteristics. I have personally installed hundreds of radon fans, mostly Fantech, RadonAway and Tjernlund manufactured brands. Originally I used mostly Fantech from 2004 through 2012 then due to poor quality control and increasing warranty problems I switched primarily to RadonAway which were comparable and a little better quality. In 2015 I switched to the AMG Festa radon fans, a relatively new radon fan company, a small USA company manufactured in Pennsylvania.

The AMG radon fans are a few notches above the other radon fans. They are very good quality, you can tell by the weight of the fan they are more substantial. From personal experience of having installed a few hundred of the AMG radon fans I can say they are quieter, have less vibration, come packaged very well (much better than any of the others listed – the larger Fantech fans were often broken during shipping). The AMG fans have better quality components and the plastic will never turn yellow, like the other radon fans. I have had Fantech and RadonAway fans begin to turn yellow in just a month or two and become quite yellow after a few years if in the sun. I believe AMG Festa radon fans are best quality line of radon fans now available and they are about the same price, a better value for sure, in my opinion.


Major Radon Fan Manufactures: Comparable to:
Fantech Replacement With:
R100, F100, FR100, HP2133 RadonAway RP140*
R150, F150, FR150 RadonAway XR261
R160, F160, FR160 RadonAway RP265
R175, F175, FR175, HP175 RadonAway RP265
HP190, HP2190 RadonAway XP201 or XP151 or RP145
HP220 RadonAway RP265
FR225E Fantech FR225E
FR250E Fantech FR250E
T1 Turbo 5 (fiberglass) RadonAway XP151*
T2 Turbo 6 (fiberglass) RadonAway XR261
K4 (metal Kanalflakt) RadonAway RP140*
K4XL (metal Kanalflakt) RadonAway XP201* or XP151*
K6 (metal Kanalflakt) RadonAway XR261
Maverick RadonAway RP145, XP151 or XP201
Hawk RadonAway XR260 or XR261
Prowler RadonAway GP301
Legend RadonAway RP265
Eagle RadonAway GP401
Goliath RadonAway RP260 or GP501**
Force RadonAway RP260 or GP501**
R100 RadonAway RP140*
R150 RadonAway XR261
XP101 RadonAway RP140
RP260 RadonAway XP261
RP145 RadonAway XP151 or XP201
RMS160 (steel- side wall vent fan)
* Slightly different duct diameter requires different flexible couplings.
**Depends on site needs: RP260 has better airflow, and GP501 has higher static pressure.