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My Sample Ithaca Home Inspection Report, 1922 Brick House / Slate Roof

For mobile device or better quality pictures download 52 page PDF file.  The original reports have higher quality pictures and print.   For a Great Home Inspection and Awesome Cayuga Heights or Ithaca Home Inspection Report, like the one below, be sure to call New York State licensed home inspector Tom Francis at: 1-607-269-7932

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Inspecting Ithaca Homes, Slate Roofs

A lot of Ithaca’s great homes have beautiful slate roofs but with most of these homes aging now just what is the condition of that slate roof? How long before it will need to be replaced? What can you expect for maintenance and repair costs in the near future? These and more are questions I can answer during your home inspection and will provide for you in a detailed Ithaca Home Inspection Report.

American Slate roofs are a durable, natural material but depending on the origin and quality of the slated their life expectancy varies greatly between 75- 200 years. Unless you have the original sales receipt it can be difficult to identify the exact quarry the slates came from, but the condition of the slates can be evaluated. A quality Ithaca home inspection report will explain the roofing conditions and defects and provide recommendations so you can know what to expect expense-wise in the near future.

Slate vs. Asphalt: Comparing Roof Replacement Alternatives

A high quality slate shingle is considered to be the Rolls Royce of roofing materials. With asphalt being the economy covering, with clay tile following behind slates. Cornell University estimated in 1997 that a 100-square-foot slate roof area would require an expenditure of $320 to $1,200 for materials alone.

The cost of a new slate roof installation is considerable. A new slate roof for a 2400 square foot roof in Ithaca will cost in the neighborhood of $25,000 to $40,000 depending on the quality of the slates and installation. The lower grade slates do not last well and are prone to damage and high maintenance, you would be better off going with a different roofing material altogether than opting for “cheap” slates, speaking in relative terms.

A new slate roof would likely be the most expensive improvement a homeowner would ever make. However, over the long term a quality slate roof is also one of the most cost-efficient roofing solutions. Slate is the most durable roofing material available. It will outlast several generations of asphalt roofing and require little or no maintenance over its entire life. It is conservatively estimated that Pennsylvania clear black slate will last 60 years, Vermont and New York slate 125 years and Buckingham Virginia slate at least 175 years. When original cost and average life are considered.

For a Great Home Inspection and Awesome Report, call Tom Francis at: 1-607-269-7932

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