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Home Repair Tips

Below are some home repair tips for some of the more common defects found on many homes.

Home Modifications For Aging In Place

Home Modifications For Aging In Place  Before making any modifications, you’ll need to assess your needs and budget. First, review your home for changes that you’d like to make. Keep both safety and convenience in mind. Some important modifications may include:...

Needs Painting or Staining

A common report defect I find on many homes with wood siding and or wood trim is "Needs painting or staining". Unprotected wood products like siding and trim are vulnerable to attack by weather and ultraviolet rays from the sun. Paint and stains provide a protective...

Roof Water Drainage

Roof Water Drainage Best Home InspectionImportance of Proper Roof Water Drainage

Proper roof water drainage is very important in building maintenance. Even if the grade around a home is correct, the water running off the roof can wreak havoc on the foundation. Depending on the amount of soffit overhang, the roof water splashing on the … Read more

House Grading Issues

Nice house soil gradingIf water runs towards or pools next to your house’s foundation walls you likely have some house grading issues. Water tends to run downhill, on the top of the ground as well as below the surface. When a home is placed on a lot, consideration should be given to the … Read more

Composite Siding Recall Information

composite siding recallWhat’s the problem with composite siding? Many types of composite siding will become defective or deteriorate prematurely due to lack of or poor maintenance just like real wood. Composite siding is also known to develop problems due to manufacture defects, which have resulted in many class action lawsuits, some of Read more

How to Monitor Foundation Cracks

How to Monitor Foundation Cracks “Should monitor for continued movement” is a statement often written in the home inspection report concerning a foundation crack. Followed by “If continued movement is observed in the crack it should be evaluated to determine if a repair or corrective action is needed.” I wrote this post to help you … Read more

A Good Parge Coat

spalling concrete block wallA parge coat is a thin masonry coating that is applied over interior and exterior masonry block and stone walls. Kind of like frosting on a cake. It is most often seen on above grade foundation walls and the interior of basement walls. I’ve inspected hundreds of homes where the … Read more