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Home Buying Tips

Helpful Insider Tips for Buying a Home

Pre-listing Inspection Gives Seller The Upper Hand

There are several good reasons for a seller to get a Pre-listing Inspection. Most home purchases are contingent on a home inspection. From my experience as a home inspector, I can attest that especially for first-time buyers, buying a house is an emotional and scary...

Tips and Questions for Interviewing Home Inspectors

Tips and Questions for Interviewing Home InspectorsOnce you narrow down your home inspector search to a list of names, its time to make calls and conduct some interviews. Conducting an interview is the best way to determine if a home inspector has what your are looking for. Following are some tips and questions for interviewing home … Read more

7 Tips To Narrow Down Your Home Inspector Search

Narrow Down Your Home Inspector SearchWith hundreds of home inspectors in central New York vying for your business,  finding a really good home inspector is an important however difficult task. Hiring a poor home inspector is at best Рa waste of money; at worst Рthe heart ache of owning a home you wish Read more

10 Compelling Reasons To Get A Home Inspection

10 Compelling Reasons To Get A Home InspectionYou may be tempted to skip the $400 to $500 fee for a home inspection… I would strongly urge you not to, along with the vast majority of lawyers, realtors and mortgage companies. Many lending institutions require home inspections to protect their own interests. State laws mandate purchase offers to … Read more

Why You Should Use a Buyer’s Agent

Buyers-realtorWhy You Should Use a Buyer’s Agent – The Pros Outweigh the Cons.

There are a number of reasons why a home buyer should have their own realtor. The pros heavily outweigh the cons for using a “Buyer’s Agent” when purchasing a home. From a home inspectors point of view, … Read more

Rare Realtors Who Put Clients Interests First

realtors who put clients interest firstI am honored to know a few such realtors, who put their clients best interest before their own best interest. These are realtors whom I have worked with over the years and have proved themselves to work hard on behalf of their clients.

Most realtors feel they have too much … Read more